Slumped shoulders coexist with rounded upper back and a foreword head posture. This condition is common with those who work with their arms directly in front of them or sit for prolong periods in poor posture.

Slumped shoulders lead to shoulder pathologies as well as upper thoracic spine dysfunctions.

Pain is most often reported in the rhomboids and middle traps (upper thoracic region) due to muscular fatigue and/or myofascial trigger points. The (pectoralis major) upper chest muscles will become hypertonic (tight) and tender. Limitation in lateral rotation of the shoulder may be effected due to the pectoralis major muscles being tight as well as restriction to active retraction of the scapulae.

Deep tissue massage, focusing on the hypertonic muscles and fascia elongation is also helpful to encourage lengthening and loosening of tissues. While deep tissue and myofascial release will decrease pain and increase mobility, long lasting results will be based on compliance off the table to make life long postural changes.

When you become a client with Four Wellness, you will receive more than exceptional effective bodywork. We will also address and correct repetitive dysfunctional patterns resulting in living a healthier lifestyle, pain free.

Book an appointment with Four Wellness and experience a higher standard of healing work. I assess each your complaints and get to know you, so I can provide best client health care on and off the table. Because I have a BS in Exercise Science, minor in Health Promotions, a career in Diagnostic Medical Sonography, and Health Education, my scope of practice in health care exceeds most therapists. From your first session, you will receive customized homework and each session we will build. We are a team and my ultimate goal is assisting and cheering you on, in living a healthier and pain free life. First time clients receive a, made from love, homemade Mustard Bath to enjoy a detoxifying, muscle relaxing, post session bath.  My table is customed low, generating more power, making your session exceedingly effective as I work deeper into the muscular layers. Above the table are Ashiatsu bars which further allows me to effectively work even deeper into certain muscles at a moments notice. Ashiatsu is a relaxing and deep tissue session to be enjoyed all on its own terms. You will instantly relax as you inhale homemade, made from love, essential oil blends. With my vast knowledge and training, experience a different massage each time as I tailor your session, blending my unique healing arts menu. While my speciality is in Deep Tissue, I do provide other services: Certified Rock Blade: Trigger point and myofascial release through Cupping and Rock Blade Therapy to break up scar tissue and adhesions resulting in frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel, tennis/golfer's elbow, decrease in shoulder and neck mobility, and more!  Vibrational Therapy: Ohm Tunning forks, Brainwave frequency, and Singing Bowls induce a deep state of relaxation, decrease inflammation and assists in pain/stress relief. Ashiatsu (Barefoot) massage Heat and Cold hydrotherapy Certified Thai and Table Top Thai: relax while I take you through a series of stretches and muscle compressions Foot Reflexology   Essential Oils   Book an appointment and receive a new level of care!  Peace, Love, Massage  Lisa Philomena  Owner of Four Wellness

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