Your stuck fascia can be the root of chronic pain. And the more stuck your fascia, the pain you will have. Think of fascia as a head to toe t-shirt with an appearance of a spider web weaved throughout muscles, nerves, organs, muscles, bones, and vessels. The first layer of connective tissue is called superficial fascia and is lying approximately 2mm under the skin. Without fascia, our bodies would crumble in a pile. It protects, provides strength, and stability throughout all systems.

Want to see how fascia effects your body? Pull on a piece of your clothing and notice the changes throughout the clothing. You will initially see where you pulled the fabric, but you will also feel tightness in the surrounding area. Notice how the entire clothing has been impacted; areas dragged, torqued, and twisted. This is what happens when your fascia is constantly compromised following injuries, overuse, repeatitive motion, traumas, disease, inflammation, and even poor dietary habits.

Fact: there are 30% more nerve pain receptors in chronically tight fascia. Stuck fascia, known as Myofascial Syndrome can cause a host of issues such as: chronic pain, burning, tingling, pulling, cramping, poor posture, and even difficulty breathing. It causes chronic tenderness, muscular knots and trigger points and skin sensitivity. And those pesky little triggers can refer pain in all kinds of weird places in the body.

The Fuzz Speech

Book a myofascial release session and unstick the stuck; decrease pain, regain mobility and flexibility. By releasing stuck fascia, you will leave feeling longer and leaner.

Myofascial release sessions will include: long medium pressured gliding, cupping, light-medium pressure rock blade therapy, heat and/or cold hydrotherapy, and bamboo. And CBD oil will be incorporated to decrease inflammation.

Please note: The tighter your fascia, the more soreness you will have post session. This is perfectly normal. New clients will receive 2oz of Mudflower’s Mustard Bath to help counteract the soreness. Getting weekly massages, 4-6 weeks, gets most clients on a monthly maintain status.

Cupping Therapy
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