Muscle Protect with HMB is a fantastic addition to your longevity tool-belt to preserve lean muscle mass and attenuate sarcopenia; it supports increased protein synthesis and lean muscle preservation in a convenient powdered beverage‡

Who benefits from Muscle Protect with HMB?

  • Over the age of 30
  • Runners, Cyclists, Swimmers, all athletes!
  • Recovering from surgery, in rehab
  • Older populations
  • Decrease inactivity
Maintaining skeletal muscle mass and function is important for sustaining health throughout the lifespan. β-Hydroxy-β-methylbutyrate (HMB) is a metabolite of leucine that supports lean muscle mass through two unique mechanisms: decreased muscle degradation and increased protein synthesis. Vitamin D and glutamine provide additional support for muscle health.
  • We start losing muscle mass as early as in our 30’s
  • After 50, we lose 1-2% of muscle mass per year and after 60, 3% per year with rapid progression as early as age 65!
  • Some of the common reasons for losing muscle mass
    • Inflammation
    • Hormonal decline
    • Insulin resistance
    • Nutritional factors
    • Lifestyle, diet, genetics,
    • Reduced activity
    • Cellular aging including oxidative stress

Muscle Protect with HMB helps the anabolic (building) system in your body; improves Lean Muscle Mass, and even helps decrease body fat in ages >30’s, people recovering from surgery that limits mobility, in athletes, as well as the older population.

Sarcopenia is a factor in frailty and likelihood in falls and fractures in older adults. It causes a decrease in overall stamina, muscle weakness, and can interfere with physical activity. Lack of activity, decreases muscle mass. Studies have shown Muscle Protect with HMB slows Sarcopenia as it maintains lean muscle mass, even is elders with a lack of activity.

Muscle Protect with HMB has been shown to help maintain and build lean muscle mass, after surgery, when patients are in rehab and cannot maintain their normal activity, in as little as 8 weeks.

Muscle Protect with HMB has been shown to help athletes increase in lean mass, decrease fat mass, increase VO2 max, and decrease blood lactate accumulation in as little as 14 days !!!

If you would like to discuss what Muscle Protect with HMB can do for you, please reach out…

Retail: $64.00

First order 20% off with Monthly orders receiving a 20% off discount

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