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Loosen and Lengthen – My Daily Practice

Ever since your very first PE class in elementary school, you've heard that stretching is important. I believe stretching is equally important as strength and cardio training. The number one excuse I hear is, “ I don’t have enough time” Over time, inflexibility leads to injuries. Whether it is on your long run or bike … Continue reading Loosen and Lengthen – My Daily Practice


Peppermint essential oil is an expectorant, a relaxant, and has antispasmodic properties. Lavender essential oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory and natural antihistamine. Lemon essential oil supports the lymphatic and immune system. Assists in detoxifying the body and stimulating white blood cell production. For extra immune boosting, allergen fighting relief in your home. Diffuse doTERRA Breathe. … Continue reading ACHOO!

Ashiatsu “Barefoot” Massage

Ashiatsu "Barefoot" massage applies pressure through the soles of the feet. The muscles are flattened and elongated making this an excellent alternative to hands on deep tissue massage encouraging the body's natural healing processes. Using my feet, clients tend to handle the deeper pressure associated with deep tissue massage easier than with my thumbs and … Continue reading Ashiatsu “Barefoot” Massage

Ouch! My Aching Text Neck

Checking your smart phone too often has a major impact on your posture and overall health. According to the American Journal of Pain Management spinal pain, headache, mood, blood pressure, pulse, and lung capacity are among the functions most easily influenced by posture. This forward head tilt occurs every time we look at our phone … Continue reading Ouch! My Aching Text Neck