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Got Cranky Nerves?

If you are not receiving long term relief from deep tissue massage, stretching, or other therapies stemming from a specific chronic issue, Four Wellness will test for nerve entrapment in two ways; 2 point discrimination assists in mapping out varying levels of sensitivities and through manual restriction/asymmetry screening.

In as little as 90 seconds to 5 mins of strain treatment to fibroblasts aka “dosing”, Rock Blade Therapy, Myofacial Release, will decrease and can reverse phosphorylation of the protein (peptides) the mediates the apoptosis (death) of the cells.

Fun Fact: There are 72 kilometers or 45 miles of peripheral nerve in a human body. Every cubic centimeter of skin organ has a nerve or portion thereof, supplying it, embedded into it. ~ Diane Jacobs

Motor sign and symptoms of nerve entrapment:

• Cramps

• Fasciculations (twitching)

• Muscle Loss

• Muscle weakness

• Impaired balance/coordination


Sensory signs and symptoms of nerve entrapment:

• Numbness

• Reduced Position Sense

• Tingling, Burning pain


Autonomic nerve entrapment:

• Skin, Hair, Nail changes

• Skin Allodynia (pain)

• Bladder control

• Blood pressure/Heart Rate change

• Sweat abnormalities

There are two types of nerve entrapments that cause a host of issues. The most commonly known nerve entrapment is through tunnels; for example, carpal tunnel. Tunnel entrapments narrow osteofibrous/fibromuscular tunnels and is basically a cranky nerve that has become compressive or tensional danger to the neurons inside (Lundborg 1988)

The lesser known, “grommet holes” are cutaneous nerves housed in skin ligaments narrowing aponeurotic ring skin ligament. We have grommet holes throughout our entire body. Cutaneous nerves rise up out of the depths of the body, surface through dense body wall into the skin organ, and run parallel to it, behind or within it. Sore spots on the surface of the body coincide to a large extent with the “grommet holes” or exit points for these nerves that emerge from beneath and into the skin organ. (Diane Jacobs)

Damage to or disease affecting nerve entrapment may impair sensation, movement, gland or organ function or other aspects of health, depending on the type of nerve affected.


• Systemic Diseases (diabetes)

• Vitamin Deficiency

• Medications (chemotherapy)

• Trauma + Ischemia

• Radiation Therapy

• Excessive alcohol consumption

• Immune system disease

• Genetic

• Idiopathic (unknown)

Want to learn more? Just ask!

Rock Blade Therapy can be used in several ways incorporated into your next massage session or as a stand alone therapy service.

Peace, Love, Rock Blade Therapy

Lisa Philomena

Certified Rock Blade & Rock Blade Advanced


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Loosen and Lengthen – My Daily Practice

Ever since your very first PE class in elementary school, you’ve heard that stretching is important. I believe stretching is equally important as strength and cardio training.

The number one excuse I hear is, “ I don’t have enough time” Over time, inflexibility leads to injuries. Whether it is on your long run or bike ride or waking up not being able to bend over.

Stretching is a healthy habit that really pays off:

  • Forego your afternoon caffeine buzz for a mid afternoon stretch break and you’ll be bright-eyed and raring to go—even at 3 PM. Spending just a few minutes stretching will invigorate you in less time than it takes your barista to whip up your usual mocha venti skim latte. Increase blood flow through your entire body—including your brain; stretching wakes you up and helps you feel less sluggish.
  • You will move around more easily, with less pain, and better balance. Regular stretching relieves stiff muscles and creaky joints. Focus on mobility by doing range-of-motion exercises—anything that keeps your muscles and joints moving through (you guessed it!) their full range of motion. Stretching helps with fine-muscle coordination- avoiding a tumble because your body is able to quickly respond in making small balance adjustments.
  • Your body will thank you every single day. Flexibility may not seem like a huge priority, but regular stretching will help you achieve better form in just about any activity and as you age, stay independent.
  • Are your shoulders practically touching your ears? Is your back in knots? Stretching can help tame tension both physically and mentally as it relieves tight muscles. Just don’t overdo it, especially if you’re wound pretty tight. You should be able to relax into a stretch. If you’re in pain, you’re doing it wrong.

This is just a few of the benefits you will receive from daily stretching. All I ask of you, is to start with 15 minutes a day. Within two weeks, you will feel an incredible difference in your life! And in three weeks, daily stretching will become another healthy habit.

Four Wellness offers assistance in stretching. You can add Table Top Thai onto your deep tissue massage or relaxation session or reap major benefits by scheduling a 90 or 120 minute Thai Yoga Massage session. Lay back and relax as I take you through a head to toe series of stretches and compressions on tight muscles.

Want to learn a 15 minute sequence custom made just for you? Schedule an hour and I will teach you a sequence based on your lifestyle.

Peace, Love, Lengthen,