Injury Prevention


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Lisa Philomena has a BS in Exercise Science from Kennesaw State University. The focus with Lisa is functional training to prevent injuries. Functional training integrates and teaches all the muscles to work together. Essentially, the focus is training your body to be capable of doing real-life activities in real-life positions.

Shoulders are the number one issue seen in Lisa’s massage practice. And Lisa believes that most are working out the bigger, more seen muscles to make us appear strong and healthy and ignoring the smaller, structural muscles creating injuries.

Balance and Flexibility is also a focus for Lisa’s clients. As we age, both of these areas are incredibly important for independence.

Lisa offers several personal training options. Completely online, in a gym, outside, and even on the water!

If you choose to the online option, after a face to face evaluation and intake, you will be emailed a customized program with pictures and videos. After each workout, you will log in to mark your day complete and you will have the option to offer feedback on what is working and what is not, so any adjustments that need to be made, can be easily done.

I offer a gym option in Sandy Springs. You will travel to the gym I am training at. There is no extra charge for this option.

Outside, is a great way to workout. There is a 5 mile radius as we meet at various places.

And if you are truly brave… get better balanced as you workout on the water, on a stand up paddle. This option has an extra cost of $20 each session. Your board, paddle, and vest will all be provided.

Whether you want to prevent injuries or recovery from an acute or chronic one, Four Wellness can assist you in gaining strength, flexibility, mobility, and balance!