Posture Assessment

Example of the 4 view postural screening. A full detailed report will be sent in a PDF file

Four Wellness, llc offers 4 view postural assessment screenings. This tool renders comprehensive findings and the results emailed directly to you. Your findings will show any deviations with your head, shoulders, rib cage, spine, hips, and knees even how much your head should weigh compared to the level of stress you are putting on your neck from your posture.

Based on your posture and results, a customized exercise program will be emailed, with the posture results, to assist you in strengthening and lengthening weak and overused muscles, to aid in better posture. Your program will come with both pictures and videos of each exercise.

You will be able to log into your account and mark finished each time you complete your program. And give feedback on your program: are the exercises too hard, too easy, you love certain ones or dislike one. From there, we can re-evaluate what’s working, what’s not, and tweak your program.

As you get stronger, intermediate and advanced exercises will be offered.

At the end of each month, we will re-assess your posture.

Four Wellness massage or personal training clients are offered this service at $50/mo

If you are not currently a client, this service is offered for $75

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Peace Love Perfect Posture

postural assessments give me the information needed to know exactly what muscles I need concentrate on